Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cobham SATCOM, LiveU create new satcom broadband solution for broadcasters

Cobham SATCOM and LiveU will offer a robust, high-performance hybrid satellite communications solution that will allow broadcasters to transmit live video from anywhere in the world.

A professional-grade LU70 backpack from LiveU will support the latest members of the SATCOM BGAN Explorer satellite terminal product line. This includes the recently-announced Explorer 710, which is set for a September 2013 launch.

The LU70 interface allows camera operators to control all BGAN interfaces locally. Operators can easily switch between satellite and cellular connectivity. The LiveU Center web interface can also remotely control the BGANs, letting news operators directly view and manage live transmissions from the studio.

The LiveU Total unified management platform incorporates the hybrid Cobham SATCOM/LiveU solution into the LiveU ecosystem. It also lets control rooms manage multiple video feeds from individual LiveU units situated in various locations.

The Explorer product line was designed by Cobham SATCOM to leverage the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network. Explorer satellite terminals are compact, easy to use, and reliable. They are designed to deliver instant access to satellite broadband connectivity no matter the time, place, or extremity of environmental conditions. 

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