Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ViaSat wins deal with US government for airborne satellite broadband services

ViaSat Inc. will be providing satellite broadband services in support of enroute military aircraft as part of its multi-million dollar contract with the US government. The Company will provide an all-IP service plan that allows NIPR, SIPR, ViaSat's Yonder commercial satellite Internet, and VoIP and VTC sessions during transcontinental and transoceanic flights.

The initial one-year agreement between ViaSat and the US government can be renewed for multiple years. It also provides options for the US government to add other aircraft to the satellite broadband service deal, as well as to request additional missions and supplemental service from ViaSat to supply.

ViaSat will also provide tiered service plans for senior leadership, VIP, and other broadband requirements. Its service plans cover a range of networking and performance levels, and most of them complemented their high-priority regional services with of higher priority.

ViaSat will use its proprietary ArcLight technology for the airborne and terrestrial satellite terminals that it will supply, install, and support on US aircraft. ArcLight terminals have already served more than 500,000 flight hours on over 300 government-operated aircraft.

The first military organization to use ViaSat's patented ArcLight technology was the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM.) Thanks to the advanced ViaSat terminals, the USSOCOM's fleet of C-130 aircraft not only gained a Ku-band communications network, but they also became the first in a line of US military aircraft that could perform advanced ISR missions using ultra-small antennas with apertures smaller than 12 inches in diameter.

There are now more than 1,750 ViaSat mobile broadband installations. The satellite communications terminals accomplish various government missions and accomplish numerous commercial applications for customers in the general aviation, maritime, and high-speed rail industries.

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